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Frequently Asked Questions
You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers!

What is the typical weight loss?
Weight loss is dependent on many factors including amount of weight to be lost, gender, body fat composition, etc., however the typical average weight loss for the 30 Days is 8 pounds.

How many daily calories are allowed?
1,200 - 1,500 calories per day.

Should we expect to lose weight if our schedules only allow 2 days instead of 6 days of exercise per week?
Yes. Although exercising more helps, you can lose weight even on just 2 days of exercise per week.

What do I do after the 30 days?
The 30 Day Plan is a lifestyle change not a diet! As you become accustomed to healthy behaviors, you will stop the "YO-YO" syndrome of weight fluctuation. The Conclusion Card at the end of the plan gives specific next steps for additional weight loss and maintenance.

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Where can I get more information about weight loss and healthy lifestyles?
Go to the Weight Loss Research section and click on the weight management papers and newsletters that interest you. Additionally, go to the Health News section and review the information there, particularly the Health A-Z (Weight Management) section.

Do I have to take vitamin and mineral supplements while on the 30 Day Plan?
The Health Educators at Better Life Unlimited suggest vitamin and mineral supplementation daily, however it's not mandatory for weight loss.

What if I don't like the recipes that come with the kit?
Check out our 30 Day Plan recipes While On The Plan or After The Plan.

I don't like the taste of some of the meal replacement bars I've purchased. Any suggestions?
Check out our 30 Day Plan recipes While On The Plan or After The Plan.

What is the difference between meal replacement bars and shakes and protein bars and shakes?
Meal replacement products differ from protein products because they typically have proportionally higher amounts of carbohydrates while protein products contain a higher percentage of protein. Meal replacement products are replacing a meal so they should be fortified with approximately 20-35% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamins and minerals. See the Profile Cards in the 30 Day Plan for specific guidelines.

What if I crave something sweet or salty while following the 30 Day Plan?
If you are craving something sweet and the fruit selections are not satisfying your craving, try some sugar-free gelatin or a diet soft drink. Not much nutritional content, but calories are negligible. If you are craving something salty, cut up celery and carrot sticks and sprinkle with a little salt. Or, how about a hot cup of bouillon? Then get busy doing something that will take your mind off your cravings. Works for us!

I am in Days 3 - 16 of the 30 Day Plan. It is required to eat all of the snacks each day?
No, only if you feel you need them. As time goes on, you may feel hungrier so keep your options open.

Should the snack foods be eaten all together as a meal or can they be spread over time? For example, a fruit, then 30 minutes later a protein shake, etc.
Yes, you can spread them out over time if that works for you.

Is it OK to use seasonings when preparing food?
Yes. Seasonings have no calories so go for it!

Is it OK to use condiments such as ketchup and mustard?
Mustard is fine. Ketchup is OK so long as you don't use 1/2 cup, but 1 to 2 tablespoons - no problem. Ketchup contains sugar so watch out for this.

And as always, if you have any questions be sure to contact us at any time.

Caution: You must check with your physician if you are diabetic, take medications, or have any other metabolic disorder prior to starting any weight loss program.
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