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Fitness Plan
Move It To Lose It!

Exercise is important to your success - it helps your body eliminate toxins, burn calories, and get toned. You can lose weight without exercise, but you can only get fit by moving your body.

The 38 exercises demonstrated in the Plan include a combination of gentle yoga stretches and core conditioning Pilates exercises to strengthen your abs and back. All these exercises are designed to improve your posture, increase balance and strength (specifically "core" strength to help with back issues) and flexibility. Some of the exercises require minimum, inexpensive equipment. Check out the tabs below for a rundown of what you will need to perform the exercises safely:

Fitness Plan

Exercise Equipment for the 30 Day Plan

Resistance tubing is used in Days 17 to 30 of the Plan to target specific muscles groups in the upper body and back. Elastic tubes are usually packaged into light resistance or heavy resistance. If you are new to strength conditioning, start with a light resistance package. It will be helpful (although it's not necessary) if you acquire handles to attach to the ends of the tubing for a better grip.

If you have comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing, you are all set. You just want to make sure that what you wear during exercise doesn't restrict your full range of motion.

We strongly recommend walking for cardiovascular fitness and weight loss and all that is required is a good pair of athletic shoes. Make sure your shoes are in good shape and replace if:

  • They are 6 to 9 months old
  • Soles are worn on outside and inside wedges (place on flat surface to check this)
We recommend our Walking Booklet and Walking CD to help you walk so that you burn the maximum number of calories and get the most optimal workout possible for this particular exercise. You may want to use a pedometer to add a new dimension to the exercise or just for fun.

Caution: You must check with your physician if you are diabetic, take medications, or have any other metabolic disorder prior to starting any weight loss program.
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