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Weight Loss Research
Information You Can Understand!

See if any of these sound familiar:
Carbohydrates are bad!
The foods you eat should be based on your blood type.
We should eat based on the way our ancestors ate.
The Glycemic Index is the best way to choose foods.
Every day, another expert or research study gives us the solution to the obesity problem. This section provides you with a list of papers and newsletters that examine the actual research behind these issues. What we do is take what you hear and read, examine the research, and provide you an explanation in easy to read language.

Weight Management Papers
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) - In Search Of Perfection
Exercise For Weight Loss: Busting Plateaus
Friendly Sabotage During Weight Loss
Great Expectations
How To Eat At A Buffet
Meal Replacements: More Than Candy Bars
Metabolic Syndrome And Obesity
Obesity And Hypertension
Obesity And Weight Loss Surgery
Overeating And Depression
Psychology Of Dieting
Relationship Of Emotions And Food
The Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins And Fats
Weight Loss: The Calcium Connection
What Is This Thing Called Motivation And Where Can I Get It?
Weight Management Newsletters
BMI And Waist Circumference Risk Assessment
Childhood Obesity And Heart Disease
Chocolate: The New Health Food?
Chromium Picolinate Update
Exercise: Six Minutes A Day
Low-Carbohydrate Diets: An Update
Metabolic Syndrome And Visceral Adipose Tissue
The Myth Of Starvation Mode
Weight Loss Programs Don't Work
Weight Loss Wonder: Hoodia
Weight-Loss Wonders
Weight-Loss Wonders: Is Atkins Best?

Caution: You must check with your physician if you are diabetic, take medications, or have any other metabolic disorder prior to starting any weight loss program.
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