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The Diabetes Risk Assessment uses simple questions about your health, your family history, and your lifestyle to determine the chance or probability of you developing the disease. It doesn't mean you will. What it does mean is that current scientific research indicates that the health characteristics you exhibit today when answering these questions are shared by persons who develop diabetes.

What is your age?
Have you ever had high blood sugar in the past?
Females: During pregnancy did you ever have gestational diabetes
Family History
Do you have a close relative (brother, sister, mother, father, aunt or uncle) who have or had diabetes?
Race & Ethnic Origin
What is your predominate ethnicity?

Diet & Lifestyle
Do you drink alcohol?

Do you eat refined starches (white bread, potatoes, cakes)?
Do you eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day?
Do you smoke?
Are you overweight?
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