Calories 101: Fatty Sweets
Chester J. Zelasko, Ph.D. | April 28, 2008

The first food we’re going to analyze from the arena foods calorie challenge is the ice cream--it seemed to surprise most of you by coming in at Number One. I’m calling it Fatty Sweets because the amount of fat dictates the total calories.

Here’s a list of the calories and fat grams in one-half cup servings of several popular brands of ice cream and frozen yogurt--remember, it’s just one-half cup:

Product Calories Fat Grams
Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla 240 16
Cold Stone Creamery Vanilla 160 9
Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla 99 4
Breyers All-Natural Light Vanilla 110 3
Breyers 98% Fat-Free Vanilla 93 1
Frozen yogurt--nonfat milk 100 0

As you can see, fat content can really affect the calorie levels of foods because fat has nine calories per gram. What complicates fatty sweets such as ice cream and yogurt is the sugar content, but that’s another lesson.

The arena food contest specified one pint of ice cream. That means two cups or what’s normally counted as four servings. You can see how that would make the ice cream number one, because they used a premium (meaning high-fat) ice cream as the choice.

The next time you have ice cream of any type, just serve yourself the amount you’re used to eating. Then measure it one-half cup at a time and see how much you typically eat. From there, do the math. That’s why measuring is a good idea at this point. Keep measuring.
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