Calories 101: Sugary Sweets
Chester J. Zelasko, Ph.D. | May 1, 2008

If we’ve got a sweet tooth, and we want to be able to stick with a new and healthier lifestyle, we have to find the best way to satisfy it. The most natural choice is to eat fruit such as melons, grapes, berries, and mangoes. However, those aren’t the typical choices we face outside of the home when we’re on the go. And let’s face it: sometimes, we just want something cold and sweet.

If we avoid fats, than we’re left with sugary treats like fat-free ice cream, yogurts, and ices. If you want to use artificial sweeteners, there are plenty of choices. But let’s say you don’t want artificial sweeteners, either. What’s left?

Something from your youth: the Popsicle®. If that’s a little too retro for you, all Italian Ices or fruit sorbets are a little more adult. The Popsicle comes in best at 65 calories per single stick. Another good choice is the No-Sugar-Added Fudgesicle® at only 40 calories per stick--you can satisfy your chocolate craving with no guilt! You’ll find several good options in the convenience store and even more in your grocery’s frozen treat section.

Ices follow at about 120 calories per one-cup serving, while sorbets have about 120 calories for one-half cup. Both are good options for dessert in restaurants, where a typical giant dessert can contain a frightening number of calories. The reason for the increased calories in sorbets is because they have less water and are denser--a lesson for another day.

No matter what you choose to satisfy your sweet tooth, controlling the quantity is still the best policy for a healthier lifestyle.
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