Kids And Exercise, Part 2
Pat Zifferblatt | August 21, 2008

Cooking with Kids had a fitness component to it. After they prepared their food, instead of sitting around and waiting, the kids had about 30 minutes of exercise. This wasn’t your traditional exercises because those would be too boring for five-year-olds. Instead, this is how we warmed up.

To start, how would you physically do each one of these tasks? I’m not talking about sitting there thinking about it--get up and do it.
  • Make yourself as tall as you can
  • Make yourself as small as you can
  • Make yourself as wide as you can
  • Make yourself as thin as you can
Now you have your answers. Ask your kids to show you how they would do each one. When they do, together you’ve just created a warm-up routine. Just call them out in order as you and your kids do them. Even better, call them out in random order and see if the kids can keep up. Call out “tall” but actually do “small” and see if you can trick them. Finally, have them take a turn at calling out the tasks to see if they can trick you!

Keeping kids interested means there has to be a play quality to exercise. This was just the warm-up. In the next Bulletin we’ll talk about more fun exercises to do with your kids.
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