Kids and Exercise, Part 3
Patricia Zifferblatt | August 25, 2008

The last Bulletin was all about the warm-up for kids. This time we’re going to talk about more fun exercises. Let’s start with a windmill. Ask your kids to move their arms in circles like a windmill. You may have to explain what a windmill is, or they might know because of alternative sources of energy that have been in the news.
  • Have them go forward
  • Have them go backward
  • Have them do both arms at once
  • Have them go as fast as they can
You don’t have to count. Just keep going until you think it’s enough. If you like being specific, do at least 30 seconds in every direction.

How about this one: ask them to jiggle like a bowl of Jell-O. You won’t believe what your kids will do. Try it--it might be interesting to see what you do. Sure the older kids think it’s a little corny but before you know it, they’ll get into it.

How about swimming strokes? Call out breast stroke, back stroke, or free style. They’ll probably know them because they’ve been watching the Olympics.

If you’d like a copy of the exercise handout we gave out in Cooking with Kids, you can download or print it from our Kids Health section of our website. The operative word is family because the family that plays together gets fit together.
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