A Different Form Of Arthritis: Pseudogout
A High-Fiber Diet May Reduce Inflammation
Are Vegans And Vegetarians At Greater Risk For Osteoporosis?
Can A Dog Become Diabetic?
Can Adults Have ADHD?
Can Aspirin Prevent Heart Attacks In Women?
Can Children Get Arthritis?
Canker Sores - A Real Pain in the Mouth
Canker Sores: Who Gets Them And Why?
Celiac Disease And Children
Cinnamon And Diabetes
Dangers Of Obesity
Depression: What Are The Effects?
DIABETICS: Take Good Care Of Your Eyes!
Do All Older People Get Dementia?
Do Plant Foods Fight Prostate Cancer?
Eat More Fruits And Vegetables To Help Prevent Kidney Cancer
For All Men And The Women Who Love Them
Forskolin And Bladder Infections
Got Any Tips For Reducing Stress?
Gout: What Is It & Who Gets It?
Hair Loss In Women
Hefty Evidence in the Fight Against Esophageal Cancer
High Blood Pressure
Holidays: Children And Stress
How Can I Prevent Macular Degeneration?
How Can I Stop Yeast Infections?
Inflammation--Give It The Berries!
Internal Fungus Infection
Is Evening Primrose Oil Helpful For PMS And Arthritis?
Is Heart Disease Different In A Woman?
Is High Blood Pressure Still A Problem?
Is There A Relationship Between Asthma And GERD
Is There A Relationship Between Gum Disease And Heart Disease?
I've Been Told I'm Lactose Intolerant -- Now What?
Latest Genomic Testing: Does it Really Add Predictive Value
Migraine Headache Relief - Can Vitamins Help?
Mild To Moderate Depression: Take St. Johns' Wort
Muscle Cramps In The Legs
My Doctor Says I'm Pre-Diabetic--What Should I Do?
Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Colorectal Cancer Prevention In Men
Psoriasis: What Is It? How Did I Get It?
Question From A Reader
Question From A Reader
Should Women Fear Heart Disease?
Study Raises Hope For Omega-3 And Female Depression
Swimmers Ear
Tendonitis: How does it Happen and What Can I Do About It?
The Latest On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The Poop On Colon-Rectal Cancer
What Can I Do About Food Allergies?
What Can I Do About Intestinal Gas?
What Can I Do About Premenstrual Syndrome?
What Can I Do To Control My Blood Pressure?
What Can I Do To Reduce My Risk Of A Heart Attack?
What Can I Take Now That VIOXX Is Off The Market?
What Do I Need To Know About Serum Cholesterol?
What Happened To Those Old-Time Diseases?
What Have Better Life Unlimited And NHA Learned About Obesity And Diabetes?
What Is Cancer?
What Is Celiac Disease?
What Is Celiac Disease?
What Is Heartburn And What Is Not?
What Is Melanoma?
What Is Tinnitus And What Can Be Done About It?
What Should I Do If I Think I'm Entering Menopause?
What Should I Know About Asthma And Allergies?
What You Can Do About Oral Cancer
What's The Latest In Diabetic Research?
What's The Latest On Food Allergies?
What's The Latest On Phytochemicals And Lung Cancer?
Why Do I Have So Much Foot Pain?
Why Do Some People Get Cataracts?
Why Do We Get Hemorrhoids?
Why Is Colorectal Cancer Increasing?
Why Should Men Worry About Their Blood Sugar?
Will Eating Barley Help Me Avoid Heart Disease?
Your Thyroid Gland


Does Walking Really Work To Get The Pounds Off And Keep Them Off?


Ads For Diet Pills: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!
Are Yoga And Meditation Really Helpful?
Coping With Jet Lag
Do Breastfed Infants See Better?
Food Borne Illnesses
How Can I Increase My Brain Power?
How Can I Protect My Family From Pesticides In Food?
How Can I Protect Myself From West Nile Virus?
How Can We Get Rid Of Germs In Our Homes?
How Do I Know What Internet Info To Trust?
How Healthy Are We?
How Often Do People Go To The Doctor?
Is The Mediterranean Diet Still Considered Healthy?
It's Time to Review These Important Health Facts
Medical Research In America: What's The Reality?
Obesity In Children: What's Going On In America?
Should We Be Worried About What Our Kids Weigh?
The Cost Of Eating Healthy
The Importance of Sleep
The Power Of A Healthy Lifestyle
What Are The Side Effects Of Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers?
What is Clean Eating?
When Is It A Cold And When Is It The Flu?
Why Are There So Many Drug Ads On Television?


A Bad Replacement for Trans-Fats?
Are There Any Good Bacteria?
Can Orange Peels Lower Cholesterol?
Dietary Salt
Eating Processed Meats Can Pose a Real Health Risk
How Can I Make Better Choices At The Grocery Store?
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Is Drinking Coffee Bad For My Heart?
Is It True What I Hear About Chocolate?
Is What I Hear True About The Benefits Of Papaya And Mango Juice?
Life After Wheat And Oats: Exploring Different Grains
Mineral Depletion in Soil
Natural, Organic, And Genetically Engineered Foods--What's The Difference?
Nuts For You!
Popular Fluids And Calories
Pork And A Heart-Healthy Diet
Red Yeast Rice
Should I Eat More Soy Foods?
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages And The Obesity Epidemic
The Flat Belly Diet - Our Brief Analysis Of The Pros And Cons
What Are Cruciferous Vegetables?
What Are Functional Foods?
What Are Monoterpenes? And Do They Fight Cancer?
What Are Super Foods And Are They Really Super?
What Are The Healthiest Fats To Eat?
What Is A Glycemic Index?
What Is Quercetin?
What Should I Look For On Nutrition Labels?
What's So Special About Green Tea?
What's The Real Deal About Prescription Drugs And Grapefruit Juice?
What's The Skinny On Root Vegetables?
Why Does Better Life Recommend Omega-3 Fatty Acids So Often?
Why Is Olive Oil So Popular?
Yet Another Endorsement For Onions And Garlic


A Primer On B Vitamins
Coumadin (Is It Really Rat Poison?)
Dental Health - Another Great Reason to Supplement with Omega 3
Does It Matter Which Manufacturer's Supplements I Buy?
Good News For People Who Use Supplements Daily
Herb And Drug Interactions
How Safe Is Chromium Picolinate?
Is Andro Safe?
Proanthocyanidins And Skin-Cancer Prevention
Pycnogeonel - An Antioxidant Miracle?
Safety Of Use: Expired Supplements
Supplementation For Infants
Vitamin B12 - Who Should Take It?
Vitamin D; Dietary Supplement Updates
What Is Rhodiola And What Does It Do?
What's A Carb Blocker?
What's So Important About Vitamin D?
What's The Latest On Omega-3s?
Who's Number Two?
Why You Need Probiotics
Zinc Deficiency

Weight Management

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