Alzheimer's Disease
Antiperspirants & Breast Cancer
Autism: Research Update
Beneficial Foods for People with Arthritis
Caffeine And Dehydration
Cancer Research Update
Cancer: The pH Hypothesis
Cardiovascular Disease and the Use of Statins
CHD Risk Factors: An Update
Childhood Obesity And Heart Disease
Cholesterol & Heart Disease
Chromium Picolinate & The Cancer Issue
Cinnamon And Blood Glucose
Cleansing & Food Allergies
CoQ10 & Parkinson's Disease
Deep-Vein Thrombosis
Dementia, Part 2
Dementia, Part 3
Dietary Supplements and Arthritis - Part 1
Digestion: Lactose Intolerance And Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Echinacea And Colds
E-mail Alert: "Cough CPR"
Fibromyalgia: Research Update
High Blood Pressure: An Update
High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein
Inflammatory Bowel Disease And Omega-3s
Isoflavones & Breast Cancer
Kidney Stones Update
Low-Back Pain
Menopause And Metabolic Syndrome Risk In Women
Mercury & Heart Disease
Metabolic Syndrome And Visceral Adipose Tissue
Multivitamins And Asthma In Children
Multivitamins And Prostate Cancer
Osteoporosis Is A Childhood Disease
Polyunsaturated Fats May Well Lower Risk of Heart Disease
Preventing Cardiovascular Disease In Women
Restless Leg Syndrome
Serum Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Disease
Soy Products And Breast Cancer
Statin Drugs & Cholesterol
Stress - Controlling It Before It Controls You, Part 1
Stress - Controlling It Before It Controls You, Part 2
Stress - Controlling It Before It Controls You, Part 3
Stress - Controlling It Before It Controls You, Part 4
Stress And Cortisol Levels, Part 1
Stress And Cortisol Levels, Part 2
Sudden Death & Omega-3s
Television & Diabetes
Test For Stroke Is No Joke
The Polypill
Theaflavin & Serum Cholesterol
Val Salva
Vitamin A & Hip Fractures
Vitamin C & Heart Disease
Vitamin C And Cancer Treatment
Women And Heart Disease--Part 1
Women And Heart Disease--Part 2


Dietary Supplements And Exercise In The Heat
Exercise For Brain Power
Exercise: Nutrition For Recovery
Exercise: Six Minutes A Day
Recovery From Severe Workouts
Sports Medicine Update
Weight Training: More Than Just Big Muscles


Adverse Event Reporting
Anti-Aging Miracle: Hype Or Hope?
Attitude & Health
Bisphenol A
Chelation Therapy
Children And Nutrition: Recent Research
Consumer Alert
Cost Of Prescription Drugs
Evaluating Health Products
Female Hormones & Menopause
Five Essential Tests
Frequently Asked Questions
Genetic Testing
Genetic Testing: GAO Report
Genetic Testing: SNPs
Getting Prepared for the Next Decade - Avoiding Deconditioning
Healthy Life Expectancy
Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Update
HRT: Another Update
Human Growth Hormone: The Fountain of Youth?
Important Men's Health News
Live Better
Lowering Serum Cholesterol
Male-Enhancement Products
Mediterranean Diet
Men's Health
Mortality Statistics: 2005 Update
Research Update: Stents
Science By Headline
Spring Maintenance
Statistics: Report Card On The Nation's Health
The Placebo Effect
The Technology Of Medicine
Therapeutic Hypothermia
Twelve Health Habits
Video Games
Watching For Signs
Winterize Yourself


A Trans Fat Primer
Accurate Nutrition Information
Alternative Sweeteners
Amaranth Grain
Artificial Sweetener Update
Aspartame Update
Big Fat Lie?
Canola Oil
Chocolate: The New Health Food?
Coconut Oil
Food Additives, Part 1
Food Additives, Part 2
Food Dating (It's not all it's cracked up to be!)
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Hydrogenated Fat
Low-Carb Nation
Nuts For Your Health
Portion Size
Probiotics Update 2006
Protein 101, Part 1
Protein 101, Part 2
Protein 101, Part 3
Raising HDL Cholesterol
Raw Milk
Research Review: Dark Chocolate And Lycopene
Sodium Benzoate
Soy And Fat And Bugs, Oh My!
Sucralose: An Update
Sucralose: Just The Facts
Sugar Alcohols
Sugar And Immune Function
The Facts About Soy
Total Antioxidant Capacity Of Fruits And Vegetables
Trans Fatty Acids
Trans Fatty Acids Update
Water Facts
Water: 8 x 8
Water: Bottled Or Tap?


Antioxidants: Good Or Bad?
Calcium Absorption-An Update
Calcium Confusion and Reading Supplement Labels Carefully
Calcium: Is Absorption An Issue?
Choosing an OTC Calcium Supplement
Chromium Picolinate Update
CoEnzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 & Statins
Coumadin And Supplements
Creatine Research Update
Creatine: Not Just For Weight Training
Daily Value: What Is It?
Do Vitamins Increase Mortality?
Drug And Supplement Interactions
DSHEA In Action
Echinacea: Research Update
Ephedra (Ma Huang): Good Or Bad?
Ephedra: The FDA Decision
Folic Acid
Ginkgo Biloba Update
Glucosamine & Chondroitin: FAQs
Glucosamine And Chondroitin Update
Herbs & Blood-Thinning Medications
Herbs & Surgery
Liquid Vitamins And Minerals
Lycopene: The Ketchup Antioxidant
Miracles Or Mirages: Checking Out Supplements
Multivitamins & Optimal Health
Physicians & Dietary Supplements
Probiotics: Appropriate For Infants And Children
Regulating Food Supplements
Supplement Alert: Codex Alimentarius
Too Many Vitamins?
Upper Intake Limit For Niacin
Vitamin A: What You Probably Didn't Know
Vitamin C & Cancer: Cause or Cure?
Vitamin C Absorption
Vitamin D and Calcium
Vitamin D Update
Vitamin E: Current Controversies

Weight Management

BMI And Waist Circumference Risk Assessment
Fat Burning Exercise
Low-Carbohydrate Diets: An Update
The Myth Of Starvation Mode
The Portfolio Diet And Cholesterol
Weight Loss Programs
Weight Loss Programs Don't Work
Weight Loss Wonder: Hoodia
Weight-Loss Wonders
Weight-Loss Wonders: Is Atkins Best?

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