Cost Of Prescription Drugs
Chester J. Zelasko, Ph.D. | November 20, 2001

If you've read a magazine, scanned a newspaper, or watched television, you've undoubtedly seen an ad for a prescription drug. The conditions range from allergies, to lowering cholesterol, to controlling acid reflux, and don't forget the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra®. The pharmaceutical industry is spending big bucks to advertise these drugs. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Too many people wait too long to visit their healthcare professional, and the ads create awareness that there may be treatment options available. The question is at what price?

The following is a list of the 14 most often prescribed drugs in the United Stated as published by Blue Cross Blue Shield (1). This reflects the wholesale cost of taking those drugs for a month. For those without a prescription plan, that represents out-of-pocket costs. If you are a hypertensive diabetic with high cholesterol--an all-too-familiar combination--it can cost you $196 to $258 per month. And remember: that's the cost to control those diseases--it doesn't cure them.

Drug Use
Average wholesale
cost per month
Prilosec Anti-ulcer
Lipitor Lowers Cholesterol
Zocor Lowers Cholesterol
Prevacid Anti-ulcer
Celebrex Anti-arthritic
Claritin Antihistamine
Vioxx Anti-arthritic
Prozac Antidepressant
Norvasc Cardiovascular
Zoloft Diabetic Therapy
Pravachol Lowers Cholesterol
Glucophage Diabetic Therapy
Paxil Antidepressant
Viagra Impotence Therapy

Three drugs help lower cholesterol, two help control diabetes, two help with gastrointestinal reflux disorder and ulcers, and one controls blood pressure. Most of these are degenerative diseases that can be improved by changes in lifestyle.

As you get ready for this holiday season, it's time to think about setting health goals for 2002. You can invest the time and some money into eating right, exercising, and taking food supplements, or you can spend that money on drugs to control the problems after they occur. We at Better Life Unlimited encourage you to invest in your health and we are dedicated to help you live a better life.
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