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Parents and Grandparents, Schoolteachers and Child Care Givers have asked all of us at Better Life to put together a comprehensive list of the research-based articles pertaining to children on the our website for easy and reliable reference. We hope this new addition to our site helps all interested parties and we at Better Life ask for suggestions so that we can make this website better for the user/consumer. In the meantime, live long, live well, love one-another and take care of the children. They are the future!

A Primer On B Vitamins
ADHD Alternative Approaches
ADHD Diagnosis & Medical Treatment
Adolescent-Athletic Girls And Vitamin D Needs
Artificial Sweetener Update
Autism: Research Update
Back To School
Bisphenol A
Calories 101: Cotton Candy
Calories 101: Fatty Sweets
Calories 101: French Fries
Calories 101: Hot Dog
Calories 101: Measuring Your Food
Calories 101: Peanuts
Calories 101: Pizza
Calories 101: Sugary Sweets
Canker Sores: Who Gets Them And Why?
Childhood Obesity And Heart Disease
Children And Nutrition: Recent Research
Do Vitamins Increase Mortality?
Everyone Cooks
Fast Food
Food Additives, Part 1
Food Additives, Part 2
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Kids And Cooking
Kids And Exercise, Part 1
Kids And Exercise, Part 2
Kids And Exercise, Part 3
Kids And Fruit Juice
Kids And Recipes
Kids And Television
Kids - Concentration In School - Do Healthy Lunches Make A Difference?
Life After Wheat And Oats: Exploring Different Grains
Multivitamins And Asthma In Children
Raw Milk
Role Of Nuts In A Heart-Healthy Diet
Should We Be Worried About What Our Kids Weigh?
Sugar And Immune Function
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages And The Obesity Epidemic
Supplementation For Infants
They're Watching You
Try Again
Video Games
Weight-Loss Wonders: Weight Training For Children
What Can I Do About Food Allergies?
What's The Latest On Food Allergies?
What's The Latest On Omega-3s?
When Is It A Cold And When Is It The Flu?
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